• Trump Tells Ryan Tweet Was Not Aimed at Him
    President Donald Trump told House Speaker Paul Ryan on Sunday that a tweet he sent a day before suggesting the public watch a Fox News show that called on Ryan to resign had nothing to do with him, according to NBC reporter Kelly O'Donnell.
  • Warner: Nunes' Action on Intelligence Leaks 'Mystifying'
    House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes' decision to brief the White House about a report that some of President Donald Trump's transition team may have been intercepted during surveillance at Trump Tower was "mystifying," Sen. Mark Warner said Sunday."I am...
  • Zeldin: Trump Learning Lessons from AHCA Failure
    President Donald Trump and his team worked hard to build a broader coalition to support the American Health Care Act, and he'll likely learn several lessons from the experience, Rep. Lee Zeldin said Sunday.
  • Obama Poised to Jump Into Redistricting Fight
    Former President Barack Obama has maintained a "low-key" profile since President Donald Trump's inauguration, but he did issue a statement on Obamacare this week and he will be returning to Washington, D.C., to join the fight of redistricting, according to The Washington Post.