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  • Cremation fears leave empty Ebola beds in Liberia

    MONROVIA, Liberia (AP) — Even as Liberians fall ill and die of Ebola, more than half the beds in treatment centers in the capital remain empty because of the government's order that the bodies of all suspected Ebola victims in Monrovia be cremated.

  • CDC details new Ebola response and prep teams

    ATLANTA (AP) — New federal Ebola response squads — likened to public health SWAT teams — are being readied to rush to any U.S. city where a new Ebola case might be identified, officials say.

  • EU leaders produce more Ebola funding at summit

    BRUSSELS (AP) — The European Union on Thursday came up with another 24.4 million euros ($31 million) to fight Ebola, as the bloc's leaders pressed to create a 1 billion-euro ($1.26 billion) fund to fight the deadly virus.

  • Patients avoiding Dallas hospital where Ebola hit

    DALLAS (AP) — The Dallas hospital where a man diagnosed with Ebola died and two nurses were infected with the virus has seen patients flee the hospital, with a more than 50 percent decline in visits to its emergency room since the crisis began.


Kansas City lingerie shopowners in a twist after Homeland Security's panty raid

When two burly men walked into a Missouri women's underwear store Tuesday, the owners didn't think much of it -- until the pair flashed their Homeland Security badges and confiscated several dozen panties bearing the initials "KC" in honor of the Kansas City Royals.

‘My house is not for sale’: Indiana residents fight city’s home-seizure plan

Indiana residents are fighting to save their homes as their local government weighs a sweeping plan to demolish them to make way for new development, in a case critics are calling a “poster child” for the abuse of so-called eminent domain powers.

Senators plan bill to block benefits for suspected Nazi war criminals

Two Democratic senators say they will soon introduce legislation that would stop suspected Nazi war criminals from collecting U.S. Social Security benefits.

White House condemns 'despicable terrorist attacks' in Canada

The White House on Thursday called the twin attacks this week against Canadian soldiers "despicable terrorist attacks" -- after President Obama had taken criticism for hedging his characterization a day earlier of the shooting at Canada's government complex.

Dem senators: Obama not a strong leader, ‘Not Relevant’

President Obama gave vulnerable Dems the okay to distance themselves, but its not likely he had this in mind.