• White House: Too Little, Too Late to Dump Trump
    Dumping Donald Trump now, after months of controversy, just shows down-ballot candidates are desperate to get on the right side of polls, White House press secretary Josh Earnest told me during a briefing on Thursday.
  • Joe Walsh: Getting Musket Out if Hillary Wins
    Talk radio host and former Congressman Joe Walsh spurred reaction Wednesday on Twitter when he tweeted he was ready to grab his musket Nov. 9 if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency Nov. 8.
  • Trump to Retired Colonel: 'I'll Teach Him a Couple of Things'
    Donald Trump lashed out at a retired Army colonel who criticized the Republican nominee's comments about the battle to reclaim Mosul in Iraq – declaring he could teach the military expert "a couple of things."
  • Zito: Evan Bayh Is His Own Enemy in Indiana
    Evan Bayh has an Evan Bayh problem. The former two-term Indiana Democratic U.S. Senator, who retired six years ago, wants his job back – the problem is how he has spent his professional and personal life since he left office in 2010.